Advanced Home Cleaning Devices

House cleaning has evolved a lot over time and you can now rely on the help of advanced robots and gadgets that make your chores much easier. If you are not a cleaning enthusiast and you would happily hand over the cleaning chores, you will love these advanced cleaning devices.

The electric mop

If you are too lazy to get out of bed and clean the floors, you can try the electric mop that is being controlled with a game controller-like remote that allows you to guide it around the house while sitting on the couch. The yellow dust mop also has a handle on top so if you sometimes want to maneuver it by hand, you can easily do that. The mop is powered with AA batteries and has an antenna that receives signals from the remote for the easiest floor cleaning.

The robot vacuum

Another great gadget for cleaning floors is, without a doubt, the robot vacuum, a smart unit that removes dirt and debris from the floors just like a regular vacuum with the difference that it is self-sufficient. If you want to see what your options are, you can discover the best robot vacuums on, where you can find reviews that help you compare the best choices. Choosing a robot vacuum cleaner depends on your particular needs and the size of your home, but based on the reviews we read, it seems that the iRobot Roomba 980 is the best choice as it boasts a smart navigation system that allows it to clean the entire room and the innovative AeroForce cleaning system makes it even more powerful on carpets.

The pool cleaning robot

For keeping your home swimming pool, you can choose an advanced device called a robotic pool cleaner which is similar to the robot vacuum that cleans your floors. We did research for you and we analyzed the ratings on reliable websites such as RoboticPoolCleaner.Best to ensure that you will get the best opinions from specialists.

For more information on the best rated pool cleaners, look for robotic pool cleaner ratings online and see what the experts recommend. You can also read some customer reviews and robotic pool cleaner ratings. Based on all this information, you can decide for yourself which automatic pool cleaner is better suited for your pool

The robot duster

You can forget about your old feather duster that does nothing more than spreading the dust in the air and you can go to an advanced duster that works on static electricity. The Du.Static is a cutting edge duster that attracts charged particles of dust from the shelves or underneath the beds. Besides, this gadget works as an air purifier with a glowing LED light that shows how clean the indoor air is.

The compact washer

If you live on your own and you have to wait several days for a full load of dirty laundry to gather so you can wash them, you will appreciate this small washing machine. Not only it’s compact enough to meet the needs of a single person, but it can also be placed on the wall in a corner so it doesn’t take space at all. Plus, it has a convenient cabinet under it so you can store the detergents.