Bedroom Decor Tricks for a Restful Sleep

If there is one room of your home that must be an oasis of peace and relaxation, it’s the bedroom. Here, you have to feel calm and relaxed so you will manage to fall asleep faster and to rest throughout the night. The following decorating tips will help you create the most relaxing bedroom décor for a restful sleep.

    • The colors you surround yourself with have a leading role in how well you manage to rest at night because they influence how fast and peaceful you fall asleep. Avoid strong and irritating colors that will make you never and disturb your sleep and opt for soothing shades that will embrace all your senses. While most people prefer white for the walls, you can go for beige, cream, light gray, light blue or orange.
    • Plants can help you sleep better due to their ability to clean the air and create oxygen that eases your breathing. You will feel more rested in the morning if you place a plant in your bedroom near your bed. Plants like Aloe Vera, Mother-in-Law’s-Tongue, Snake plant, or English Ivy are excellent additions to your bedroom that can improve the quality of your sleep.
    • An innovative solution to improve your sleep is to listen to a sound machine that creates a relaxing sound designed to induce your brain a feeling of comfort and sleep. It’s best to take a peek at before choosing one for your bedroom because not all sound machines create white noise that covers any disturbing noise in the background so you can fall asleep faster so you must know which one does. If you like to, you can listen to soothing sounds inspired by nature or things that surround you.
    • Lighting is essential for a good night’s sleep and you should pay attention to that if you want to improve your sleep. Light bulbs of no more than 75watts are perfect for your bedroom because you don’t need powerful lights that will agitate your brain. Place the lights strategically so they will not disturb your eyes and opt for dimmers that will allow you to turn the lights down gradually. The light switch should be placed near the bed so you won’t have to get out of bed to turn the lights off.
    • Your bedding is very important because it will increase the feeling of comfort your body receives during the night. Cover your bed in soft and delicate bedding that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer so you won’t wake up during the night. The pillow and the mattress must be of high quality so you won’t experience pain and discomfort while you sleep.
    • Aromatherapy can help you sleep better at night as the soothing fragrances calm your senses and relax your brain. You can either place an aromatherapy set on your bedside table, spray your pillow with an essential oil or burn scented candles that will fill the bedroom with a nice and soothing fragrance.