Better curb appeal: common landscaping mistakes to avoid

Whether you want to create a focal point, build an outdoor play area, install a swimming pool, include green walls and chic plants or infuse an ultra modern vibe, starting a landscaping project will definitely enhance the curb appeal of your home and consequently, increase its overall value dramatically. If you lack inspiration, do not panic because taking into account the infinite landscaping ideas available online in stores or in magazines focusing on outdoor design, you will soon find yourself in the situation of struggling to decide upon the most suitable style for your beautiful residence. From combining rock with stepping stones and green plants, lining your pathways with river stones and creating a conversational or relaxing area for guests to exuding a more inviting patio, adding pastels to your white picket fence and achieve a romantic ambiance with a fire pit and wisteria, you cannot go wrong when transforming the boring exterior of your house into a haven or spectacular outdoor space ideal for gatherings.

Not consulting a landscape architect and not creating a plan

Unfortunately, homeowners do make several common mistakes when initiating such a project and one of them refers to not hiring a Landskapsarkitekt with knowledge and experience in major alterations that have the purpose to help you obtain better curb appeal. Of course, if you only intend to plant some colorful flowers and add some rocks or stones here and there, you do not need professional advice or assistance, but if you plan to make some major changes like adding a garden fountain or build a natural pond, then you might reconsider your decision of tacking these tasks on your own. The main steps included in a landscaping project refer to establishing layout goals, evaluating the site or the area, selecting the much-desired features related to structures, paths, patio, deck, steps, walls and other elements, creating a map, either on paper or on the computer, that includes sketches depicting your vision in what concerns the outcome of the Landskapsarkitektur project and covering final details. The second common mistake refers to overlooking one or more steps mentioned above and rushing into the process.

Not establishing the purpose of the outdoor space

How do you intend to use the outdoor space after finalizing the project? Are you the type of person who organizes social gatherings or family meetings? Do you enjoy spending time alone with a book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other? Do you plan to engage in group activities in the available space? Do you want to use the garden to grow fruits and vegetables or just plant various types of flowers for decorative purposes? Have you considered consulting a Landskapsarkitekter? The next mistake refers to homeowners forgetting to establish the purpose or purposes of their outdoor space before even starting the project. You cannot jump into the fire thinking that you will figure things out along the way because you will get burned. In addition, most homeowners do not think holistically when approaching such a project, which also represents a huge mistake.