Gadgets that Can Help You Achieve the Ideal Humidity at Home

The ideal air humidity level is around 40% to 60% but these numbers often fluctuate due to changes in the environment. When this happens, you start to feel the effects and to notice them in the aspect of your home. It’s very important to preserve a constant level of humidity in order to prevent health problems and to maintain the good appearance of your home, so we present you the best gadgets that can help you achieve the ideal humidity at home.


The humidifier is a device that adds moisture to the air when the levels get alarmingly low. If your home’s humidity level drops because you are using an air-drying heating system or for any other reason, the humidifier is the gadget to rely on. It uses a technology that allows it to release water vapors into the air either as cold mist or as warm mist, so its benefits are therapeutic as well. The cool mist model sprays water into the air in order to increase the air humidity level while the warm mist models boil the water to turn it into steam and then cools it until it becomes a warm mist. The best part about humidifiers is that they have a humidistat, which is a component that turns them on or off as soon as soon as the humidity level reaches the level you have selected.


Vaporizers are similar to warm mist humidifiers only that they release hot steam into the air without cooling it. Steam vaporizers are commonly used for therapeutic purposes as people add essential oils to the water reservoir so the steam resulted will be inhaled in order to treat various health conditions. If you use a vaporizer, keep them out of the reach of children as they could get burned by the hot boiling water.


In case the air humidity gets too high, you will start to feel the effects on your health and on your home. Mold is likely to appear in very humid areas so it’s time to look for a gadget that will absorb excess moisture. This gadget is called a dehumidifier and, as the name itself suggests, it dehumidifies the air by running it through a set of cold coils that condense the water vapors in the air and keeps them inside a tank. These gadgets also use a humidistat that lets them know when the right air moisture level has been reached so they will only work when needed.