Home improvements to make daily life easier for your aging parents

Caring for aging parents can be really challenging when you are already struggling to balance work and your own family. When you have very little free time, it’s challenging to assist your seniors in their everyday life.

Yet, there are a few strategies to help them have a more comfortable daily life, even when you are not there 24/7. Apart from hiring a bpa to care for your aging parents all the time, you can also make a few improvements to their home to help them get around more easily.

Aging comes with a variety of health conditions, which can make movement for your parents a lot more difficult. Yet, here’s the good news: by making a few home improvements to their home, you can help them struggle less with everyday tasks.

Install disability ramps

If either of your aging parents is wheelchair-bound, or you think that day will come very soon, installing disability ramps around their home is a must.

Install a disability ramp at the entrance of their home, especially if your parents go outside of the house often, or, for example, if a brukerstyrt personlig assistent takes care of your aging parents and takes them to a walk every day using a wheelchair.

Also, you can install disability ramps around their home so that they can go from a room to another using their wheelchair.

The average cost to build a wheelchair ramp is nearly $1500, and it is recommended to have it installed by a professional.

Install grab bars in the bathroom

When you are getting old, even using the bathroom or taking a bath can be really challenging and dangerous. Your aging parents are more prone to falls and slips than ever before. So, you need to think of their safety first.

Grab bars in the bathroom can help your seniors stay safe. Install these bars in the bathtub and next to the toilet. They will help your seniors feel more confident about using the bathroom on their own without needing assistance.

Grab bars usually cost between $20 to $30 each, and you can find them in most home décor stores. You can install them on your own or ask a professional to install them, which will cost you somewhere around $100, materials included.

Widen doorways

Apart from installing a disability ramp, you also need to widen doorways to allow more effortless movement around the house to your aging parents who need to use a wheelchair. Check to see if the doorway is narrower than 32 inches. If yes, you may have to expand it to allow your seniors to use wheelchairs and other mobility devices without any impediment.

Add in-home monitoring service

The best way to make sure that your aging parents are taking care of all the time is to hire a professional bpa oslo. However, it is also a good idea to install in-home monitoring services to make sure that your parents are always safe when they are home alone.

Smart devices such as burglar alarms, fire alarms, carbon monoxide detection systems, and sensors to monitor your loved ones’ movements will help you worry less about your aging parents when you can’t be next to them 24/7.