How to Equip a Modern Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have become a necessary addition to modern homes. They are incredibly useful and they are the ideal place to cook in, especially when summer comes. You get to breathe fresh and clean air while cooking delicious meals in it. But for you to have the perfect modern outdoor kitchen, you need the right equipment for it. Therefore, if you want nothing but perfection, read the following lines to find out how to equip a modern outdoor kitchen.

Napoleon Mirage LEX485RSIB Gas Grill

The main element of an outdoor kitchen is the grill. Since charcoal grills are obsolete, the main only dilemma that remains is the propane vs.natural gas grill. The gas grill is the most important appliance in the summer kitchen because it’s the one with which you cook the delicious foods.

For your modern outdoor kitchen, you have to buy the Napoleon Mirage LEX485RSIB gas grill. With this grill, you don’t have to debate over the propane vs.natural gas grill dilemma, since this grill offers both options. To purchase this model you will have to spend $1000. It has an extremely durable stainless steel construction. It heats up fast. It uses the JETFIRE ignition system for you to be able to start the grill quick and easy. The 3 primary burners of this gas grill generate 74000 BTUs, the rear rotisserie grill generates 13500 BTUs, and the side burner generates 12500 BTUs. It has an impressive total cooking area of 815 square inches. In addition, if you want to smoke your meat with the gas grill you can purchase the optional charcoal and smoker tray.

GE Profile PDT750SSFSS Dishwasher

After you finish cooking and eating, you have to handle the dishes. If you want to create a truly modern outdoor kitchen, you must install a dishwasher in it to handle this dirty job. The GE Profile PDT750SSFSS dishwasher is the choice to go with. It costs $2500. It has a durable stainless steel construction. The PDT750SSFSS is energy efficient. It is even certified by EnergyStar. It offers 11 options and 7 wash cycles for you to choose from. When it comes to its capacity, it can hold up to 16 place settings at once. Therefore, even after a wild party, you can rely on the dishwasher to handle all the dirty dishes easily. Also, it features a useful small items basket that can keep the smaller dishes safe while they’re being washed.

Orien FSR 240D Outdoor Stainless Steel Refrigerator

An essential piece in the puzzle that is the outdoor kitchen is the refrigerator. A compact model is necessary. It won’t take up much space and it will make the outdoor kitchen truly complete and 100% functional. For your modern outdoor kitchen, you should buy the Orien 240D outdoor stainless steel refrigerator. You can purchase it for the price of $1600. The construction of the unit is extremely durable. It’s approved by UL for outdoor use. To keep out the rain and any unwanted guests like pests, the 240D has a fully enclosed back. It has a built-in light that makes it easy to use in the evening. It has castor wheels that make the unit portable. Therefore, it’s easy to move it around if you aren’t pleased with its location. In addition, it features the useful automatic defrost option.

Put as many counters as you can in the outdoor kitchen

No matter if the outdoor kitchen is covered or not, and what choices you make when it comes to appliances that you use in it, make sure to have enough counters. On the counters you prepare the food that you grill, you prepare certain foods like salads, and you place the meals on the counters before serving them. Also, the counters are ideal for you to store the kitchen utensils in them. The plates, the spoons, the forks, the knives, and everything else that you use, you can store in them. If you use the counters as storage for them you won’t have to take trips inside every time you need a plate or a bowl.