How to update the home for the not-so-young

There comes a time when the kids take over the roles of the parents. Stepping into the parent role gives way for new responsibilities and challenges. If you have a relative who is no longer capable of taking care of themselves, let them move in with you. This arrangement is highly beneficial, but it can also cause many headaches. When you build your home a few years back, you didn’t think you would have your parents come in and live with you. You can’t rearrange the entire home around your needy relative. But you can make some adjustments.

Opt for mechanisms that are easy to operate

People of a certain age aren’t able to use their extremities. They lack the necessary strength to walk, grasp, and even lift objects. Install mechanisms that are easy to operate by those physically impaired. Let’s take the doorknob as an example. If your relative suffers from arthritis, something as simple as turning the door handle can be painful. A tech alternative would be preferable. Nowadays, people opt for fingerprint-resistant touchpads. Make life easier for your special guest. If your parent has trouble with everyday tasks, look into privat omsorg.

Good lighting makes the home safe and secure

Your aging relative will need help around the home. If you don’t have too much time to spare, hire hjemmehjelp services. The experts in assisted living will ensure your loved one is safe and sound at all times. Equally important is to make sure that high-traffic areas are properly illuminated. Lighting doesn’t waste electricity. On the contrary, it prevents accidents. There should be enough lights in areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, not to mention in workspaces. Night lights come in handy when your parent wants to move around the home.  

Floors should be made slip-resistant

One of the most common accidents witnessed by professionals offering praktisk bistand are slip and fall accidents. Slip and falls are dangerous for everyone. The injuries sustained can be relatively minor or downright debilitating. Elder people seldom recover from a fracturing hip. The point is that slippery surfaces are dangerous. Make the floors in your home slip-resistant by adding a layer of concrete and anti-slip coating. Another thing you can do is install rubber mats, which allow better grip. Plus, they can be easily removed if you opt for another solution.

Carefully consider interior design styles

So, you’ve chosen a design style that feels right for you. Now, you’ve opened up your home for an aging relative. It’s time to reconsider your decisions. Some people have low contrast sensitivity, which means that they have deficits in processing color. You’ll have to introduce high-contrasting color to the background. The chairs have to be a different color so that they stand out. It’s just an example. In case you’re replacing the old tiles, think about incorporating a pop of color into the space. This ensures better visibility for seniors. Aesthetics and comfort are important too. And you don’t have to worry about your aging parent all the time.