Innovative Devices for Fresher Air at Home

Air purifiers have evolved a lot recently and the latest technologies used in manufacturing them have turned these common devices into state-of-the-art gadgets that can improve the air quality in the most innovative way. Discover below the top edge air purifiers that can guarantee clean and fresh air at home.

Daan Air Purifier

This device is a circular air purifier that can filter air in small homes but features an innovative hack that makes it suitable even for larger rooms. You can use two or more devices placed one on top of another to create a more powerful unit for larger rooms.

Window Air Purifier

This device works as both an air quality sensor and an air purifier. The window design is actually a screen that turns dark when the air quality drops too low and you only need to slide open the window to start the air cleaning process.

Electrolux SEAbreeze

This device works with sea water that is turned into a pleasant breeze and it even works as a humidifier and a dehumidifier in case you need one. The most innovative part is that it turns the seawater into drinking water through an advanced filtration process. However, this is a rather small device, and if the humidity levels in your home are too high, you can prevent the development of mold spores with a higher capacity dehumidifier. Read the best dehumidifier 2015 reviews and see which device can handle the humidity in your home. There are countless models to choose from, which is why it is recommended tor read several reviews in order to find the best one. When reading the best dehumidifier 2015, keep in mind the size of the area that you want the dehumidifier to cover.

Plant-Based Air Purifier

Since plants are so good at filtering air, this air purifier uses their filtration abilities to create clean and fresh air that will improve your breathing. The dirty air from the room is absorbed inside the plants’ compartment and clean air is then released back into the room.

Vita Air Purifier

This air purifier looks more like a vase that holds three rechargeable Vita sticks that you can get out of the vase-like device and place in different areas of your house. For added convenience, you can control this air purifier using your smartphone.


If you are a selfish person and you only want fresh air for yourself, you can try this small personal air purifier that creates clean air on a 3-foot zone around you. Attach it to your shirt and it will use a silent electrostatic process to filter the air around you so you will breathe cleaner air.

Original Breath

This innovative air purifier also uses plants to create clean air but the operating process is significantly different than in the previous models presented. The external part of this device is a solar panel that captures energy from the sun and sends it to the fan located inside the glass window, This fan transmits clean and fresh air from the plants directly into your home.

Modern Air Purifier by Swizz Style

While it looks like a stylish decorative item, this device is actually an air purifier that works in six stages to offer you clean air. The best part is that it’s so silent you won’t even notice it’s running.

All of these devices have unique properties that can help you enjoy fresher air at home. However, if you are dealing with a particular type of contaminants, you should read some air purifier reviews to see which units can best handle your problem. Comprehensive air purifier reviews can be found on On this website, you will find information that will help you compare the prices and the performance of different air purifiers.