Innovative ideas to use ribbons in this years’ Christmas decor

Ribbons are so versatile. You can incorporate those all around your home, make presents more preppy and even use those as Christmas tree décor. Luckily, we have some great ideas you could use in order to pull off a great Christmas décor by using these incredibly affordable elements. Keep reading below foe plenty of great ideas. 

Christmas hanging decorations

Hanging gift sacks, wall art and pretty much everything in between can be easily achieved by investing is some simple rolls of ribbons. Create your own Christmas hanging decorations by attaching some amazing Santa gift bags to your chimney, and using some pieces of ribbons for managing it. Also, if you want to become a little crafty, you can create your own Christmas hanging balls. You will need several inflated balloons, some rolls of ribbon, preferably thinner ones, in a pattern which you prefer, some glue, a brush with soft bristles, and a bowl. Put your glue into the bowl, and by using your brush, apply glue to the ribbon. Then wrap it around your inflated balloons, in a pattern which you prefer. Let those dry for a day, then deflate the balloons. Attach the globes which you just created, by using more ribbon pieces, in places at your preference. A little extra tip: you could use these ribbon globes to create a table centrepiece as well.

Door Christmas decorations

Of course, you could use the simple roll of ribbon to create a truly unique door décor. This idea is so simple even small children can pull this off. Start by creating a small Christmas three branch wreath. Then, attach some long pieces of ribbon on some globes, at your preference. The more diverse, the better. Then, simply attach your globes to the small wreath and attach that on your door. This idea is so amazing because it can be easily personalised to all tastes and preferences.

Ribbon Christmas tree decorations

If the previous ideas were simple to DIY, wait until you read this once. You will need some rolls of ribbons, in a generous width, and you will only have to arrange the ribbon as you prefer in your tree. Yes, this is all you have to do in order to create simple, beautiful and reusable Christmas tree decorations.

These are some incredibly easy ideas everybody can put into practice and create an amazing Christmas décor, by using the simple ribbon.