Is your pet ready for their first trip?

Every pet parent knows that travelling with a dog or cat isn’t an easy task because they don’t like changes. Yes, there are a few cats and dogs that join their parents in adventures travelling around the world, and they seem to enjoy sleeping in a van and even soaking in the water, but most pets hate trips. And it’s a lot tougher if your pet is already an adult and this is their first trip because they’re accustomed to spending all their time at home, or exploring the surroundings. When travelling by plane your pet will experience a high altitude and pressurised cabin, be restricted to a small crate, and deal with sickness.

So before booking your next trip you need to prepare your fur friend for a trip, check their health and help them get accustomed with a crate.

There is a lot of planning when travelling with a pet, but here are some guidelines that will help you make their experience more pleasant.

Visit the vet

The flight reservation agent will ask you if your dog has an ID certificate and meets the health requirements for travelling overseas. So you need to check the vaccination and health requirements and get in touch with the vet to get a id merking katt if they don’t have one. Before booking the tickets, visit the veterinarian and ask them to release a health certificate. Most of the countries have special vaccination requirements for rabies and parvovirus, so make sure your pooh meets them before heading to the airport.

Get a crate

Your pet cannot make it to the plane if their crate or carrier bag doesn’t meet the airline’s regulations, so you need to check their specific requirements. Most of the airlines have the same policies, but it’s wise to double-check. Some companies ask the combined weight of the pet and the carrier to be less than 20 pounds. Get in touch with the local dyrlege Stavanger if you don’t know what crate to purchase for your pet.

When you shop for crates, the general rule of thumb is that the pet needs to be able to stand naturally, lie down and turn around without difficulties. If you want to take your pet with you in the cabin their crate needs to be small enough to fit underneath the sit in front of you.

Create training

Don’t expect your pet to get used with the crate immediately if they don’t usually use it. Preparing them for a trip is a long process, so you should ask for the veterinarian from dyreklinikk Trondheim for instructions. Travelling is stressful for both pets and humans, and you need to help them lower their anxiety and stress. Buy the crate ahead and search for different crate training methods to help them get comfortable spending a couple of hours inside it. It’s important the pet to associate the crate with good and positive experiences. Offer them treats, food and toys inside the crate. And don’t forget that your pet isn’t accustomed with crowded spaces, so you need to slowly desensitize them with noise.