Layout Ideas for a Small Laundry Room

The laundry room has to be filled with everything you need to take proper care of your clothes. But if you have a small laundry room you have to be careful about how you arrange everything in it to keep it looking clean and to have enough room to move around. If you have a small laundry room and you want to make the best of it, read the following lines. Here you will learn some great layout ideas for small laundry rooms.

Use the LG Smart ThinQ DLEX6001V dryer to save space

You can’t air dry your laundry in a small laundry room because you would lose a lot of precious space. Also, it’s inefficient and you would raise the humidity level in the room if you were to use this method. Protect your clothes, save space, and avoid raising the humidity level in the room by using the LG Smart ThinQ DLEX6001V dryer. The amazing electric dryer has a 7.3 cubic feet capacity that is more than enough for a big family. It offers 14 programs that you can choose from, which include the useful Small Load and Delicates cycles. It has 5 temperature settings and 5 drying levels. It won’t take the unit more than an hour to finish its operation, depending on the cycle that you choose. In addition, it comes with a useful 1-year warranty.

Install wall-mounted cabinets

To save space but to have as much storage space as possible, install wall-mounted cabinets in the small laundry room. In the wall-mounted cabinets that you place above the washer and the dryer, place the products that you use for cleaning your clothes. On the opposite wall, install as many wall-mounted cabinets as you need in which to neatly fold your clean clothes. This arrangement will allow you to use the floor space for other things, like laundry baskets for example. In addition, it will free up the room for you to move around easily.

Use the Epica 800 handheld clothes steamer for wrinkle free clothes

To have perfect looking clothes you have to remove the wrinkles off of them. In a small laundry room, you can’t afford to lose space with an iron and a table on which to iron the clothes. To make the best out of the space that you have to work with, you should use one of the 2016 best rated garment steamers. We recommend the Epica 800 handheld clothes steamer. The best part of using a clothes steamer is that it won’t endanger your clothes at all. As opposed to the iron, the clothes steamer doesn’t make direct contact with your clothes. This makes it ideal for delicates because there is no danger for them to get burnt. To buy this compact unit you will have to spend only $50. The Epica 800 handheld steamer is extremely easy and comfortable to use. It has an on/off switch for convenient control. Due to the fact that it’s compact and lightweight, you can store it anywhere you want and it’s ideal for travel as well. The unit is ready to steam in under 2 minutes. Also, it will give you 12 minutes of continuous steam.