Minimalist Living Room Decor Ideas

Once in a while, it’s good to make a change around the house. An impressive change that you can make is to turn your old and boring living room into a minimalist living room. A minimalist living room is characterized by its simplicity and the clean aspect. It’s modern, simple, and it combines only a few colors. If you find this to be the perfect change for your living room, read the following lines to get some great minimalist decor ideas.

Use a simple and lively mix of colors

As mentioned before, the minimalist living room has to look simple and clean. Don’t overdo it when it comes to the colors that you use in its creation. Stick with a combination between 2-3 colors that include white, black, and another lively color of your choice. A great mix of colors that you can use and that will give the room a clean, neat, and spectacular aspect is between white, black, and green or red. Green and red are extremely lively colors that go well with the colors black and white, and they give personality to a room.

Don’t forget to add plants

Whatever you do, don’t forget to add some plants in beautiful white containers around the living room. No matter if you choose to put containers with tall plants in them in the corners of the room or if you choose a certain location for them, they are a necessary addition. The beautiful green color complements the minimalist decor perfectly. In addition, they help clean the indoor air of impurities as well.

Hang modern paintings on the walls

A minimalist living room must have modern wall-mounted paintings. Choose the thematic of the paintings depending on the mix of colors that you went with when creating the room. If you went with green, black, and white, you can hand a painting like the one shown in the picture above. A Zen looking painting is the best addition to a minimalist living room that uses this combination of colors. Although, remember to not overdo it with the wall art. Two paintings are more than enough for this design. After all, the minimalist room has to look as simple and free of furniture as possible.

Display a couple of souvenirs as decorative pieces

To remain faithful to the minimalist design, avoid placing too many decorative pieces around the room. The ideal choice when it comes to decorative pieces is to put a couple of modern and abstract looking souvenirs that you bought on the coffee table. Also, you can place a couple of souvenirs on a wall-mounted shelf. All in all, you have to stick to a simple decor that looks clean and neat.