Modern decorating ideas for those who feel creative

Are you tired or bored with the your home design? Do you think that it looks nothing but dull? Well, it is time to take actions. However, we are going to show you how you can do so, without having to invest an arm and a leg. Here are some great tips, according to famous interior designers. Pay attention to each of them.

Turn something old into something new

In order to follow this advice, you need two special ingredients: some coloured paint and, of course, ribbons. Believe it or not, things like floristry ribbons UK are used for creating decorations, by all those who feel free to use their imagination. Let’s take for example an old chair made of wooden. During thr time, this small piece of furniture can change its appearance. But, if you paint it into a cheerful colour and then use the floristry ribbons for covering its edges, the chair can make the decor look out of the ordinary decor.

Something borrowed, something blue

Borrow something from the vintage French style and make your living room look fancy. As mentioned before, ribbons can make miracles when it comes to decorations. So, you should invest in as many models as possible and use them for decorating the old lamps. Also, by using these small accessories, you can make dream catchers which can bring you good luck. But this is not all. Borrow some pieces of wood from your grandpa’s garage and use them for making your own jewelry box.

Then, another great suggestion is painting the floor blue. Have you ever thought of such thing? If the answer is no, you may start with the bathroom floor. In the most of the cases, the bathroom is usually neglected. But, not anymore. Interior designers highly recommend taking this innovative idea into consideration. Be careful. You may want to soak there all they long.

Curtains make the difference

When it comes to decorating a house, the experts say that small details are the most important ones. Thus, there is not enough to change the colour of the walls, but you also have to add some details such as the curtains. These curtains can be used even for replacing doors. But the secret is to go for a vivid colour such as yellow or orange. Forget about the classic brown or white. Also, do not be afraid of mixing patterns. You can combine dots with flowers and strips if you are creative enough as to find the perfect harmony between patterns.