Modern Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is one of the most dreaded rooms of the house for those who actually cook. They know that once they enter the kitchen they will have to work, not just sit around. To make the time spent in the kitchen pleasurable you have to change the way this room looks. The perfect design change that you can make is to transform your boring kitchen into a modern kitchen. The design change will surely make this room more appealing for you to be in. Therefore, read the following lines and inspire yourself from these gorgeous modern kitchen designs.

Green and peaceful

What stands out the most in the modern kitchen design that is shown in the picture above is the way in which the green and dark gray colors combine. The two colors complement each other perfectly to create a kitchen in which you want to spend a lot of time. It’s a peaceful design that will soothe you every time you enter the room. If you like this design, try to recreate it as best you can or at least get some inspiration from the elements that make it spectacular. Stick to the dark gray and green combination of colors because it’s gorgeous, to say the least. Maintain the counters as empty as possible for the kitchen to not look cluttered. Place on them compact appliances that you actually use. Also, don’t forget to add 1-2 plants in small pots to give the room life.

Stylish contrast

Probably the best combination of colors for a modern kitchen is black, white, and red. These colors combined with each other make the kitchen look modern, clean, and romantic. If this is the design of your choice, you should make sure to stick to the colors used for the counters and appliances in the picture above. Black and white counters and appliances give the kitchen a modern and professional look. The red element in the design simply makes the whole ensemble more spectacular and it adds a little romance in the mix. This design is ideal for both small and large kitchens.

Small and lively

If you have a small kitchen, you should try out the modern kitchen design shown in the picture above. The colors used in its making are black, white, and orange. The counter space is occupied with the essential kitchen appliances. In the wall-mounted cabinets, you can store other appliances for which you don’t have enough space on the counters. When it comes to decorative pieces, you can place 1-2 vases that you will always keep filled with flowers and a small and cute clock on the wall. The clean and lively look of this kitchen will make the small space that you actually have available look bigger than it is.