Modern Patio Designs

More and more people choose to decorate their patio in the modern style because it’s stylish, comfortable, and beautiful while being airy and contemporary. If you want to create a relaxing outdoor area without adding too many items, the modern patio design is the perfect embodiment of simplicity and style.

    • This patio is decorated in gray and white tones with a minimalist garden furniture set that perfectly blends into the décor. It’s an idea for an uncovered patio and if you want some shade, you can opt for some matching umbrellas that will keep you cool in summer days.
    • This patio design may look simple but it’s actually very interesting and unique, just perfect for a homeowner who likes to stand out. The patio is covered with large stone paving and the benches are made of a mixture of concrete and wood to match the modern aspect of the background. The centerpiece is the grill/fireplace in the middle that makes the perfect addition for a chill summer night.
    • This covered patio is great for both sunny days when you need to stay away from sun heat and for cold nights when you want to enjoy staying outdoors. An infrared patio heater can help you create a pleasant temperature so you will feel comfortable sitting on the comfy rattan sofas. If you feel like sitting in the sun, opt for some matching sun lounges.
    • For the bolder of you who want to add a touch of color to the landscape, you can opt for a red set of patio furniture. Combine it with materials like wood and metal and you will have an interesting mixture of shapes and textures. The futuristic furniture is what brings the modern touch to your patio.
    • Rough iron combined with glass is a common combination often seen in modern designs, so you can integrate this set of furniture to your patio. The set can easily fit by the poolside or under a stylish pergola that will keep you shade, it’s very easy to clean and it offers a sleek aspect to the outdoor design.
    • This sleek patio furniture set matches the décor of the house and gives the landscape a unique design due to the interesting shape. The rounded edges are completed by the stylish detachable piece that creates shade and can be placed on each of the armchairs. If you prefer to, you can place the set under a covered patio so you can enjoy it all year round.