Most Advanced Home Surveillance Systems

Nowadays, lots of burglaries take place all over the world. This is why it is very important to secure very well your property and your goods. Moreover, your family will be safe at all times, and this is the most important thing of all. If you do not know what devices to choose, then take a look at the following most advanced home surveillance systems.

Night Owl 8-Channel

This innovative security system will definitely offer you a superior quality. It comes with 4 cameras, DVR, and 1TB hard drive. The mobile notifications will keep you informed at all times. You will receive the notifications to the compatible mobile device when a suspicious motion will be detected in the selected zones. Therefore, you will know what is happening on your property at all times. Your home will be highly monitored by 4 clever cameras, that will record HD video for a later review. You can actually view and record up to 8 channels. Due to the high-resolution technology, detailed footage will be easily captured. This system also comes with an infrared night vision up to 100′ so that you are provided with a clear view of activity during day and night as well, viewing angle up to 70º, and a weather-resistant design. For an easy viewing you can connect the device to a variety of analog and digital displays. Another amazing thing about this surveillance system is that it uses hidden cables in order to operate, and this will actually prevent exposure that could attract intruders. Very clever, indeed. Therefore, you certainly have lots of strong reasons for buying such a wonderful system, in order to secure extremely well your house.

Swann 4-Channel

This is definitely one of the most advanced home surveillance systems that will provide you wonderful results. It comes with 4 cameras with a night vision up to 100′. For a clear image capture, this system uses CMOS image sensors. Moreover, it can record from 4 channels with a 500 GB hard drive. All the precise details will easily be captured due to the sharp 720p resolution. Swann 4-Channel comes with a viewing angle up to 77º, which means that a large area of your property will be monitored, weather-resistant design, remote access, BNC wired installation for a secure and reliable connection, and HDMI and VGA inputs. All in all, this is a product that certainly worth the money. However, if you can’t afford a surveillance system, then a security camera will be a better choice for you. Get an outdoor one, and mount it somewhere where it will be visible to burglars. By doing so, they will see it and they will definitely avoid your house.