Preparing your house for a renovation – what to do with all the stuff?

A house renovation can be very messy if you don’t prepare the surroundings the right way. Paint can ruin your hardwood flooring permanently and heavy tools can break your precious crystal glasses if you don’t move them out of sight. This is why you need to look for the best ways to protect the items in your house until the renovation is finished. This article will sum up the tips that most homeowners take into account when the renovation time is near. Here’s the list:

Keep a spare room

Even though you might want to renovate the whole house at once, that won’t be possible if you don’t want to relocate during the process. Keeping a spare room to bring all the items here. The spare room can also be used for sleeping until the renovation is done. If you don’t have any rooms to keep a spare one, you can look for storage units Belmont and take the items there. Sleeping over at a friend’s house until the renovation is done will surely won’t be a problem if space is an issue.

Think in zones

The renovation should be done in zones so that you don’t have to prepare the whole house at once. That would take too much time and require too much free space to store the items that you remove from the rooms. Thus, you can separate the house in zones and set limits throughout the renovation process. Think about the fact that the toilet won’t be available on certain days. Organize the zones accordingly. Kitchens and dining rooms should be renovated the first, as you can buy food on the go instead of preparing it at home. Leave the most frequented rooms the last.


There are three principles you must keep in mind when preparing a house for renovation:

  1. You can’t keep fragile or expensive objects in plain sight. First of all, they can get broken in the process. Second of all, they can get stolen if you work with a construction team.
  2. Large items must go, even though it is complicated. Large furniture items can obstruct the way. This is why you or the construction team can’t reach essential parts of the rooms that need to suffer modifications. Luckily, there are companies that deal with this kind of tasks. You can move the large items all by yourself if you have the time and the storage room for it, but it might be easier to have a contractor do this for you instead.
  3. Keep the flooring safe. Placing newspapers or foil on the floor will keep paint from reaching it. Repainting is the most common remodeling activity. There are other things that should be covered during repainting as well – kitchen countertops, furniture that can’t be moved, window sills that can be stained and so on. Whatever can get damaged from dust or paint must definitely be covered with something. Cloths work too if you don’t have any paper or foil.