Selection process: determining the best roofing material for your home

Even though installing a roof does not take up more than three or four days, as a homeowner, you have to plan the project with weeks before the actual installation. Apart from becoming familiar with the basic steps of this common home improvement task, you have to make several important decisions. For instance, do you know what time of the year is the best for roof replacement? Of course, you do not have to wait for ideal weather conditions if the project is expeditious, especially when shingles are curling and missing or even worse, you can see sunlight every time you go up in the attic. Moreover, roofers will declare bankruptcy if they would put great accent on weather changes.  The second decision that you have to make refers to the budget allocated for the project. You have to visit stores and go online to compare prices in order to determine if the amount of money you plan to invest covers all the expenses.

The most popular types of roofing materials

This leads us to another important thing, namely choosing between the types of roofing materials available on the market. Some of them are cheap, others are expensive; some of them are durable, others are more stylish. It depends on your needs and your tastes to select the most suitable option before opting for roof replacement service Minnesota MN. Shortly, there are quite a few roofing types and styles including (luxury) asphalt shingle roof, wood shake roof, asphalt roll roof, clay tile roof, slate roof, metal roof and green roof. Asphalt shingles are the most popular among homeowners, probably because you receive a 20-30 year warranty when you purchase them. Apart from combining two great benefits, namely durability and affordability, they also come in numerous colors and textures. Wood shake roof is perfect for those types of rustic homes due to their rough-hewn texture. If you provide proper maintenance, these can last up to 50 years. If you live in a damp wooded region, then you will probably want to avoid buying this type of roofing.

Durable roofs that you should consider

Asphalt roll roof instantly becomes the best option if you have a woodshed, but considering that it does not last more than 10 years, do not rush to invest in it, not to mention that you cannot prolong its lifespan, regardless of your maintenance plan. Moving on to clay tile roof, you should know that it would probably last more than you would. Just remember to walk as less frequently as possible on your new roof in order to preserve them. In terms of durability, slate roof is similar with clay tile roof. In fact, it may be the most resistant material out there. If the slate tiles broke, make sure that you replace them as soon as possible. Although metal roof represents the most common option for industrial building owners, they have become quite popular among homeowners as well, particularly for luxurious mansions. The green roof is perfect for those people who are concerned with environmental protection.