The secrets behind the sneaky fashion Instagram account

Let’s face it, if you are a fashion blogger you have used some sneaky strategies to grow the number of your followers, at least at the beginning. Even the most famous influencers recognise the fact that they do not use all the products they promote, and they do not wear on a daily basis, the majority of the clothes they post in pictures,. But you are paid to take pictures in certain clothes and to put together outfits with their help, you have are one of the lucky persons who makes a living from wearing fashionable outfits. You do not have to be an expert in social media, you only have to understand what strategy can bring you followers.  But if you have not reached the success you want, and you are still one of the fashion bloggers who do not have more than 1000 followers, then here are some secrets that can help you get some extra followers.

Create your own shooting space

You need a space where to take pictures, and this place should be unique. Therefore, you have to think outside the box. For example, very few Instagram accounts are based on the idea of taking pictures in a storage space. Show your followers that you are a creative person, and you can transform any space into a fashionable one. Rent one of the storage units Jacksonville and bring inside your clothes. Paint the interior walls of the storage, put a carpet on the floor, install a large mirror on one of the walls and you have your photo studio ready for taking pictures. Why brining clothes inside, because all fashion pictures from famous magazines show a woman in a room filled with designer clothes. 

Decide what theme you are using for you Instagram account

As stated above you need a theme for your Instagram account. There are influencers who create their page around jeans outfits, there are influencers who share their tricks for styling short hair, you can be the influencer who takes fashionable pictures in a storage facility. People have to refer to your theme as your brand, this is the only way you can become famous. Choose a colours palette and stick with it, no matter how famous you will become, stay loyal to the theme you have first chosen for your page.

Geotag, crosstag, hashtag

People are looking for inspiring pictures in various places. Some of them look for pictures taken in a certain geographical area, others are looking for pictures reposted by a certain Instagram account, and some people are looking for pictures according to the hashtag used by the influencer. If you want people to discover your photos and to start following you, use all these tags and keep a list with the most popular ones.

Share the price

Do not be afraid to tell your followers how much a certain clothing item has costed you. You are a fashion blogger, people want to recreate your outfits, but they also want to know how much it costed you to create them.