Top 3 Best Lawn Tractors for Large Yards

If you have a large yard it means that you have to spend a lot of your precious time mowing and maintaining it in a great shape. Mowing a large yard can be extremely tiring. To make it a more pleasurable chore and to finish with it faster, you should use a lawn tractor. The comfort of sitting in a chair while you mow the lawn will definitely change your view on this chore. Therefore, read the following lines to find out which are the top 3 best lawn tractor 2016 units for large yards and use one of them for the ultimate mowing experience.

3. John Deere D170

The John Deere D170 lawn tractor can be yours for the price of $2800. John Deere is one of the most renowned and respected manufacturers that has always offered nothing but top quality products to its customers. The D170 is a durable lawn tractor that easily navigates any type of terrain. It’s the best option for heavy-duty jobs. It has a cutting width of 54 inches. The blades of the D170 adjust to 11 different positions that range between 1″ and 4″. The 18-inch turning radius makes it ideal for large yards. The cruise control allows you to set the speed as you like while focusing your attention on what’s in front of the mower. Also, the pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission frees your hands while you steer, making it a lot easier to maneuver this model as opposed to other models on the market.

2. Cub Cadet RZT-L 42 Lap Bar Zero-Turn Rider

The $2500 you spend on the Cub Cadet RZT-L 42 Lap Bar Zero-Turn lawn tractor will be the best money you ever spent. The 725cc 22 HP Koehler engine generates maximum torque and power. It reaches a top speed of 7 MPH that makes it the ideal choice for large lawns. The dual hydrostatic transmission operates automatically for easy driving. Due to the fact that it’s a zero-turn mower, it’s extremely maneuverable. The deck uses 12-gauge steel to offer the best protection against rocks and impacts. For your comfort, it features extra storage space for beverages, tools, and snacks. The seat can be adjusted as you like. In addition, you can purchase the optional armrest kit to have the ultimate relief for your arms when it’s hot outside and you’re looking forward to a long mow.

1. Bad Boy MZ Magnum

The best out there when it comes to lawn tractors is the Bad Boy MZ Magnum. You can have this lawn tractor for the price of $3500. It uses a 726cc Kawasaki motor that offers a maximum speed of 6 MPH. It uses a 48-inch blade to finish mowing large lawns as fast as possible. It offers maximum maneuverability due to the fact that it’s a zero-turn mower. You can adjust the height of the blade for precision cuts between 1″ and 4″. It uses a high-strength 11-gauge steel in its deck for increased durability. The tank of the MZ Magnum can hold up to 3 gallons of fuel. The hydrostatic transmission of this model shifts on its own to enable you to focus on steering the machine. Also, it comes with a lot of convenience features. The most important convenience features are the cup holder that helps you prevent dehydration while you’re mowing the lawn and the large, soft seat that you can adjust to fit your body size perfectly.