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Brain Mc Neil is a thief plain and simple. nBrian was painting the outside of our house and also doing some basic carpentry & restoration type work, and he said to my wife (who has just had a baby) he needed a few hundred dollars to buy some material to finish the projects. He had been working at our house for 4 or 5 days and we thought he was trustworthy – so she gave him the money as he said he would be back the next morning however this is perhaps his scam as he never came back with the material or money, and now wont answer emails or phone calls from us. We have no idea what else he took from our house but if hes able to steal money from my wife I’m sure hes the kind of person that would steal from you while he was in thenhouse. He claims his father was a professional painter, but there nothing professional about Brain or his work which makes me question all his stories and references. We have located all his personal and family details and will be taking further action against him, with a goal to protect others from people like this.. He advertises on Kijiji and craigslist and we have also found him selling some of his personal junk which make me think hes in need of quick cash (?)

60 Monutview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M6P2L4 Toronto, Markam, Ontario United States of America


Suite 800

Paint & Wallpaper

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  • He’s going by the name Micheal McNeil in Windsor Ontario on Facebook.. hope that helps.

    Hes ripped you and another 15 people off, that I am aware of.. from BC to Ontario.

    He’s a total crack head, and needs to be stopped.

By Tucker

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