Christina VanderMause – Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin


Watch out ladies… This one can’t get any more shady. She will flirt with anyone that will give her the time of day. She is a self involved narcissist who will do what she wants without caring who she hurts in the process… Including her own children or husband. Did some digging after this bitch […]

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Christina VanderMause – Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin


  • Her sociopathic narcissism knows no bounds, if you think this woman is your friend, or cares about you, you are wrong, she is a snake and she will bite, beware.

  • What kind of woman does it say you are when the only man you can find is a married one? Sl*t it up Christina VanderMause your day is coming, and I hear karma is a really big b***h maybe a bigger b1tch than you are XOXO

  • FYI. You aren’t a victim – you are a w***e. And for him- takes a real man to call your wife psycho all because she knows the truth about what you are doing.

  • Christina tries to act like she’s oh-so-classy and innocent but it’s all for show and just as fake and calculated as she is. She was having sex her boyfriend while he was MARRIED a year prior to him filing for a divorce. Notice the trend? Not only does smelly Christina like to ruin girls she’s jealous of lives but she likes to ruin other women’s marriages too! Anyway, I almost feel sorry for this twat and the sad life she leads but she’s such an evil vindictive b**** behind closed doors that it’s nearly impossible to sympathize with.

By Tucker

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