Crypto-payers Review: Another Bogus Scam


Crypto-Payers is an interesting investment company. Their home page will get you thinking this is the best great thing in the industry. Unfortunately, this is another fraud in the making. Therefore, be mindful of them.

They are good with words. We have to give them that. However, when it comes to the fund safety of your money, traders need more assurance. The platform guarantees profits. It has become the norm for scammers to exploit innocent investors.

The fraudulent companies compile the best sales pitch. It becomes easy for novice investors to fall for their scheme. Unfortunately, when it comes to delivering the expected results, the ventures fail terribly.

Crypto-Payers Review, Crypto-Payers Company

In a real sense, Crypto-Payers does not perform any investment services. Neither do they offer any products? Their website is poorly designed. Investors don’t need rocket science to know something is off! The live price table of BTC prices is non-functional.

What kind of serious investment companies make such critical mistakes? Crypto Payers is a complete joke that will go down at any time. Investors are going to suffer huge losses once they believe blindly into the firm’s course.

You can utilize the best cryptocurrency trading ventures in the market. You will earn real time returns without being subjected to exploitation of con artists. Additionally, the trading results and the unquestionable testimonials from their clients speak on the behalf of the companies.


Crypto-Payers ‘about us’ gage speaks less of their business. It disqualifies them from being featured as the best platform in the industry. The mechanism and technique that the bogus entity is utilizing are still undefined.

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Regardless, the platform purports that it generate desirable returns to trades. The company uses multiple advanced tools. Therefore, the firm can analyze the market accurately. Unfortunately, this is another tale that the entity formulates to trap in more victims.

Crypto Payers do not care about traders-generated returns. Whoever is behind this shady company has only one intention that is to steal funds. The platform nonetheless claims to have a qualified specialist that is ready to help customers.

It is another fat lie to make you give them access to our money. Remember that you are dealing with tactical fraudsters. Your information and money safety are on their verge of mercy. The scammers are capable of bankrupting their victims.

Hence, ensure that you always look after yourself. Ensure that you perform due diligence on any company before depositing funds. The process saves traders from the agony of dealing with the wicked swindlers.

Who is Behind Crypto Payers?

The reply to this query is still an enigma. Nobody knows the person responsible for Crypto-Payers, what they look like, or their country of origin. The only available info is that the platform works with highly skilled analysts, expert traders, managers, programmers, and developers.

They all coordinate to ensure the entity achieves success. Moreover, their customers need not worry about the market’s volatility as the firm got their back. You need to have plenty of faith to trust them. The lack of concrete evidence puts your money in jeopardy.

Crypto-Payers is a vague entity. It is a discrete venture that will leave you high and dry. The platform’s failure to publish the qualification of the team it brags about creates distrust. How will investors know that their money is in safe hands?

If you choose to believe them, you do it without having an assurance. The traders expose themselves to grievous danger. Walk away while you still can and find a more reputable firm. You shall only get regret from this company.

The Domain Insight

Crypto-Payers claim that it is among the leading ventures in Europe. Although, the info that we got from suggests otherwise. The firm has a low global traffic visit that shows traders are not interested in their services.

The company is offering competitive services, yet they stand no chance on their competitors. The firm made its first digital footprint in October 2020. The founder’s information is unavailable to the public. Avoid this devious entity.

Are Funds Safe at Crypto-Payers?

The first thing that you should check on is the legitimacy of an investment scheme. Crypto-Payers claims to be a UK platform. The venture also brags about having DDoS and SSL encryption. None of these materials proves the firm is legal.

To collect funds from the United Kingdom citizens, the venture ought to have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority. It is one of the dedicated financial watchdogs in the world. The body is after ensuring the safety of the trader is a top priority.

A quick check on their database proves Crypto-Payers is an outlaw violating multiple rules. The company does not offer fund safety. Therefore, you can lose all your earnings instantly. Moreover, nobody shall come to rescue you since the country of origin of this scam remains a puzzle.

The FCA guarantees investors receive compensation from a firm in case it faces insolvency. The body also makes sure the investment platforms are transparent. Therefore, legit companies publish their trading performance and reveal the people managing clients’ money.

Therefore, make sure that you check if an entity has a regulatory document. Additionally, be mindful of fraudsters that use a registration form to deceive investors there are legitimate. The only thing that matters is a license from a reputable financial watchdog.

Investment Plans and Returns

The minimal amount to deposit at Crypto-Payers is $20. The available payment methods are BTC and other cryptos and Perfect Money. Neither of them allows traders to conduct a chargeback. The platform has four hyperbolic investment plans.

Moreover, their promised returns are mind-blowing yet impractical. It is illogical to earn 50% daily returns by depositing a meager amount. The company is a get-rich-quick scheme that is misusing its referral program to get more victims. Review, Crypto-Payers Investment Plans

Crypto-Payers mega plan guarantees a 200% whooping profits after 96 hours. We are yet to see individuals claiming to have earned these returns. Until we stay away from this scam, they use fascinating narratives, but there is unjustified proof.

Crypto-Payers Customer Support

Do Crypto Payers have a responsive customer care unit? Given the nature of this entity, we suspect they have terrible customer support. Investors can only contact them by filling a contact form. It is a displeasing method of communication.

The company shall turn a blind eye to the query of traders. This proves that the platform is not after meeting the satisfaction of their customers. The legit investment firms avail multiple methods for their customers. A phone number is usually displayed for the use of all clients.

Final Verdict

Crypto-Payers purports it is trading forex and multiple digital coins. Nonetheless, there is no evidence to support the company’s claim. The platform fakes its history in the market. According to available data, they have been around since 2010, which is another deception.

The entity wants to gain the trust of investors. Therefore, it will do anything to get your attention. They also fabricate the statistic on their website. Crypto-Payers is an illegal operation capable of defrauding innocent investors.

Waste no time with them and trust only the best crypto trading ventures in the market. You will trade with peace of mind. These companies have been serving traders diligently. You can grow your portfolio with them. Sign up today for a revolutionary outcome!

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