• Dear Nancy White, maybe just maybe one day you learn to respect other’s and stop scamming people . It is always good to have hopes but in your case I think this be a waste of time. You spend your free time slandering and harassing other’s 24/7 please fell free to goggle her name and public records for law suits since everyone tells lies on this wonderful breeder. You claim to be the victim. You no victim by any means . You have done many of us wrong , you lied and threaten us , slander us on daily bases . Can be seen on her Facebook. You should be ashamed of the things you keep on doing to other’s and animals. We can agree to disagree . We all have an opinion but you taken yours to another level of hate and anger against anyone that disagrees with you. So much hate and anger you as you say about other should invest your free time in volunteering and maybe donating to a good cause just one time . Try it I may make you feel better doing some good . We pray for you and that ugly soul you carry ?

  • Please be careful when u buy a puppy from this lady.. she will be nice and kind at first. Then you pick your baby up with her forged Shot and empty worming records. Once you take your baby to the vet and inform her of inbreeding problems she will then criticise you for caring enough to get a vets opinion. Your vet will be a quack and a idiot. She will then on you. She will then start harassing you and threatening your way of life.. this is nancy.. She has a PUPPY MILL, she literally CUTS off her rottweiler puppies tails herself….. Please do your research before you invest or give a deposit to this women.

  • LOL love your xrated pictures you have posted of yourself all over internet. You are the scum of scum on earth with your overbreeding program..breedung merle to merle then denying those sick, suffering babies vet care. You need a psych admission. You are tge worst of the worst animal abusers..you breed those poor dogs until their death. You lie like a snake, keep peoples deposits and your puppies NEVER SEE A VET…AGAINST THE LAW IN SOUTH CAROLINA. You have pissed off the wrong people this time NASTY NANCY. You better hope your escort service can make you some money as we are going to not stop until those poor, innocent animals are away from you. White trash trailerpark scum is what you are. Stop using innicent animals to feed yiur dirty drug habit…crackhead.

  • Wow, where do you start on this lady, some should call her the Devil in Sheep’s clothing. Mrs. White you have numerous charges of Falsifying Documents, Lying to Customers about Health Records of an Animal, Criminal Activity and Lying to so many people you can’t keep your own stories straight. You inbreed Dogs and then sell them as Healthy Animals but, you yourself have admitted to never taking ANY Animal to a Vet or Animal Hospital to be checked. You “Micro Chip” Animals but, you are not Certified or even Trained in this field to be able to do it safely and humanely to the Animal. You change your Facebook name to avoid the real truth of your intentions. Finally, you are the one who needs to look inward and ask yourself “…Am I really being truthful to the Animals that are in my charge?”

  • NANCY Nancy, yes it is the breeder fault when you produce Double merle ( blind and deaf ) , it is the breeders fault when the dogs eye pop’s out ( shouldn’t have them 40 plus dogs run together in the same room , it is your fault when you lie to buyers to keep our money, and it is your fault when you confuse a male with a female dog .
    What is it breeder of 20 years or breeder of 30 years? Wit so many years of experience you would think a breeder would know better. Fact is you have a track record of scamming and selling sick animals . Harassment and threaten other’s and and false accusations. You don’t take your animals to the vet . Your Rottweiler gave birth to 17 pups 10 only survived? You claim due to long labor ! As a breeder you should known how many puppies before she gave birth . Have money ready for emergency vet incase some like this would happen . On your pic she had more as 10 alive counting you should try it . You neglect your animals, your house is un sanitary. Your animals are not taken care of at all water and food as law requires. You made a gofund me for a stuck in labor with a stuck pup and nasty as you are you posted the pictures. You concern should been taking the poor dog to the vet not a go fund me . Shame on you

  • Seriously people need to just see her name “shack” and get it! She copies her complaints and reversed the messages. She has many folks she has burned and some have had sad outcomes because of inbreeding and double merle breeding! Do not get a Merle from Nancy! She has a woman she sold a pup to right now and she didn’t tell her it was sick, deaf in one ear and blind in one eye! She REFUSED to vet check my pup! Lucky for me someone warned me and I lost my $200. She told me they all get health certificates, shots and are wormed and get a 3 year guarantee. Then told me she did it herself! Pups legally can not be transferred across state lines without a health certificate and shot record! Furthermore nit storing shots at an accurate temp nulls there effect! Then your Vet will require to revaccinate! She turned around and relisted my pup when I asked for her to bring it to the Vet! My friends chimed in on MY page saying yes you need a vet check and certificate to cross state lines and to be sure you are getting a healthy pup! She the. Started bee all bashing my friends so I had to block her. Denying this process nulls and voids any contract!
    Buyer beware she is not what she says and has several friends that help her sell her sick pups!

    According to several pages I have found and folks I have talked to have said she docs dogs tails herself without anesthesia and implants chips as well. Pics I have show rusted cages and blood from a new birth if my pup which was very disturbing to see!

    All I asked for was my $200 back but she told me NO DEPOSITS ARE REFUNDABLE AFTER we talked about her changing her story and supplying no Vet Check!

    In SC you must only sell a healthy pup w a certificate. BUYER BEWARE! Also, she has multiple sites so I was unable to get the proper references prior to my deposit!

    If you still are questioning what I’m saying, go in her page and ask! You will see for yourself! People came out of the woodwork!

    Good luck in your search! Do yourself a favor do your homework and stay away from her.

  • Lovely Nancy breeding parrots for 30 years rotts and Chihuahuas for 16 ? You accidentally breed a DBL Merle ? And sold it knowing it had health issue! You chip birds without any kind of training nor knowlege besides a youtube video. You clip your dog’s tails in an sanitary house again without any training or knowledge as anyone can see of your pictures posted. Either to long or to short. You are the reason breeders are judged. You are the reason dogs ends up in shelter cause people can afford the vet bills for the sick puppies you sell. You complain about bounced checks ? Your customers complain about sick puppies and deposits not returned!!!! You don’t allow buyers inside the house nor can they see parents on side ! How come ? Are we hiding some ? You Facebook OMG profanity over profanity name calling and accusations. How do you wake up in the morning knowing what you do to others? You have no shame. I don’t think anyone is jealous of a backyard breeding puppy mill that has no manners at all or love for animals period. Mold , urine and dogs running loose all over the house all day long . How can you even say who the daddy is ? As you never separate your dogs at all.
    Girl be a grown up and stop being a nasty bully coming for others that disagree with you. Grow up care for the animals in your care instead of spending all your time spreading hate and anger on your Facebook. Act your age 59 and a cyber bully that is threatening others all day long !!!!
    Grow up Nancy again you will always only be a back yard breeder that breeds sick animals. Shame on you , shame on you

    • Not only a Double merle poor baby is hydro as well. Buyer be aware do your homework . She will not let you see the parents cause she doesn’t know . She confused the sex of a dog she sold. She had many accidents as she calls them . My issue with Nancy Petshachihuahuas White is she is in possession of my birds that even with court order she refuse to return . She sold me a ACG in 2020 paid $ 2000 . She had 2 one died and she gave it to another buyer since the lady also already paid in full. Up to this date after she sued me claiming I stole her bird all over Social media including my employee we counter sued for the money and birds she owed me . That was in November 2020 here we are still waiting on my money and remaining bird . I recover 2 with the Georgia Sheriff’s department at her friend’s house . And again she claims I stole my own birds with Police present. Anyone buying from her is supporting her breeding more sick animals. Your wallet will be drained from the vet bills and your heart will be broken from watching your baby being in pain . Do your homework before you fall for her .

  • Nancy White , you a shame to the breeder world for sure . No one is jealous of your dirty cages house filed with urine and mold and 30 plus Chihuahaus. You spend all day on Facebook slandering and harassing others . You a BULLY.
    The free time you could invest in caring for your animals as you should, or more like anyone that cares would. You sold a double merle , blind deaf and hydro to add to the issue how can this happen by accident to a breeder of 20 plus years as you claim to be . You keep deposits small so you know people from out of state want sue you.
    You can’t even remember what you sell to who or who you already ripped of . You have a group called Chihuahaus for adoption USA or what ever it is called and have your friends do the selling for you . You have numerous Facebook accounts , business pages . If you a clean as you claim why ?
    Why was your store shut down downtown Winnsboro? Tell your lies and stories and keep playing to be the victim. You nothing but a careless breeder .

  • Nancy White , you a disgrace to the breeder world for sure . No one is jealous of your dirty cages house filed with urine and mold and 30 plus Chihuahaus. You spend all day on Facebook slandering and harassing others . You a BULLY.
    The free time you could invest in caring for your animals as you should, or more like anyone that cares would. You sold a double merle , blind deaf and hydro that passed a few days ago poor thing never had a chance and you sold him knowing, how can this happen by accident to a breeder of 20 plus years as you claim to be . You keep deposits small so you know people from out of state want sue you.
    You can’t even remember what you sell to who or who you already ripped of . You have a group called Chihuahaus for adoption USA or what ever it is called and have your friends do the selling for you . You have numerous Facebook accounts , business pages . If you a clean as you claim why ?
    Why was your store shut down downtown Winnsboro? Tell your lies and stories and keep playing to be the victim. You nothing but a careless breeder . You keep on sending your private pms and block people so they can’t reply to the bull you send. ? you a bully that claims to be a victim of other jealous breeders. You need to be jealous they don’t sell sick animals knowingly!!!! They don’t need to befriend local authorities or claim they are friends with someone as you do! And for anyone that supports this lady you making sure she keeps on breeding and keeping hard working folks money!

  • Nancy Petshachihuahuas White located in Winnsboro SC , breeder of Chihuahaus, Rottweilers and Parrots.
    Beware she frauds you out of deposit quick. She will be sweet until she got your money. Conditions in her house as pictures posted all over the internet. She does most of her business out of state so you want be able to take her to court . Yes she is kennel free meaning she doesn’t know who breeds with who and ends you with DBL and cleft pups. She loves to argue , harrass and threaten others. That is her way for victims not to talk about her public. She claims to have friends in the local sheriff’s department and animal control. And that is why she was never shut down . She doesn’t have any kind of permits or license for the business she runs . Deposit keeped low and remainders paid in cash so she doesn’t have to claim on taxes. She have over 30 adult dogs inside her trailer . Numerous parrots. Strong urine and mold smell. She doesn’t do health checks that are required when sold across state lines. She clips her own tails and butchers her Rottweiler pups. To long to short. She does disinfect anything. Uses the same brooder for dogs as parrots. Beware to get your animals checked by am vet asap. Make sure you run DNA as well . She is CKC only for a reason . Many claim she breeds rescues . She herself posted she only rescues the breeds she is breeding. She sold one rescue to Numerous people since he wasn’t able to produce. She is shady as they come those backyard breeding puppy mills.
    Be smart be careful do not support this kind of animal neglect you not helping those animals you support her poor breeding standards only . And she breeds with every heat .

  • The names she goes by
    Nancy White ,Nancy Wilson White , Nancy Cushion, Nancy Mccourt, petshack of northside grooming, petshackchihauss, Nancy Petshachihuahuas White
    That is just a few. Moved from Florida far away from the strict laws they have for puppies mills like hers. Claims everyone is jealous! Jealous of a trailer that is filed up with urine mold and shit all over the place? Cages that haven’t been cleaned in months or even years and more rust as paint? Jealous of defraud others of their hard earned money? Jealous of her court records for owing others and not paying?
    Noone is Jealous everyone is worried about the animals well being. For years she has the so called accident breeding issues with DBL. She used rescues to dump her cleft that she now keeps for attention. She posted a pic of her dog with a pup stuck and said it was for over 24 plus hours before she took that poor thing to an vet , cause it was more important to take pictures and make an gofundme . Promised the ones that donate a pup if any make it . She is a fraud and does all her scams online . When will police or the DA do anything about this criminal. What does it take for animal control to shut her down for all the neglect? Why isn’t DHEC doing anything for the mold and smell of urine that is not healthy for neither human nor animals?
    Why is the towns of Winnsboro supporting this puppy mill ?
    Anyone buying from this lady is supporting her mill any animal she has needs to be vet checked for any kind of disease. She is the breeder , vet and lawyer at the same time . Thanks to Google cause that is all she does spend all day on the phone .

  • This lady has been getting away with selling sick dogs and birds for many years. Many nasty reviews about her for years . Her own pictures of the fifth her animals live in posted all over. Her claims to have friend’s in the sheriff’s department and animal control of Winnsboro, the lawyer she has support her . Many names she goes by , many Facebook, pet sides all over Craigslist looking for free or cheap animals. No license nor any permits. Complaints about illegal immigrants but she doesn’t report her income nor does she pay taxes, we get the pleasure to do so for her. No vet checks only when forced to get rabies shots she can’t give herself. Her name down south is Nasty Nancy for a reason. Her house is full of feces and mold . She works under the table for her friend close by. She lies about her 3 year genetic guarantee and deposits to hold a puppy or bird.
    Her animals all run lose around her trailer , so how can she know who breeds with who? She joins groups all over Facebook to do a quick sale. Buyers beware. This is not a breeder this is a puppy mill. And we they buyers financing her and her poor bleeding standards. Do a quick Google search and you will see.

  • Nancy is the worst of the worst . She lied to any of us to get the deposit. After she has our money her nice way will change into a nasty way of word exchange. She will come up with excuses like I’m rescuing birds ,I’ handfeed birds and puppies . She will give you the run around for your money that you will never see again. She is dishonest and a horrible human being to others and aminals. Talking to animal control they are aware of her not having a license neither any permits and the conditions in her house involving her animals. But again do nothing about it.
    Do your research you can buy a healthy beautiful puppy from real breeders for the same amount you pay her. Most breeders test for diseases and also do health certificate some you will not get from Nancy. Yes it is common for breeders to do their own shots and deworm. Her house is un sanitary and filthy. She does disinfect and syringes she uses including the brooder she uses for birds and dogs. Her dogs don’t get health checks. Feed the cheapest food she can find same with her birds. You will not be allowed inside her house due to the filthy conditions and what you could see. Please do not support this puppy mill . Do your research and find a real breeder that cares for her animal’s. This will prevent you from spending a fortune in vet bills especially when you buying a Merle from her. Please beware

  • Nancy bounced checks ? Lol you steal deposit money paid to you , even if the pup dies before delivery! You a scam artist that plays victim. Get a new hobby , you been crying this story for years now . How many DBL have you breed accidently? How many cleft ? How many with Parvo ? We could go in and on for hours . You should be ashamed stealing from others when all you did use the government for a free meal ticket. You sue the owner of the property you stay on so you don’t have to pay a dime for How many years now ? You a con artist

  • Stop telling your lies lady , you been dishonest from the day you started breeding. You been doing doing this for way tooooo many years now and getting away with stealing deposits and selling sick babies. You should be ashamed of the human being that you become .

  • Bounced checks lmao what about the vet bills that you causing us selling sick animals ? Guess they ones that bounced checks are lucky and don’t even know how lucky they are! You sell sick animals and claim you have 3 year genetic guarantee what a joke just because we all know you do not honor anything you claim . Southern Dreams another name to ad to the collection. You will never change you will never treat your animals they way they deserve . Get a life , get a real job , get of the phone and care for these animals that make sure you can afford the life you living.

  • This lady is a shame to the breeder world no ethics at all. Con artist that milks the system in anyway she can. Sells sick animals. Even her birds being sold before the eyes open anything for the good ole mighty dollar she can make on her animals. She doesn’t disinfect anything she puts dogs and baby birds in the same brooder the filth can be seen on anything she posts. Filthy hoarder. Stay away as far as possible bouncing a check on her is a blessing for you. Many names many web pages. Profanity all over her Facebook posts, name calling,false accusations from slander to bullying others . Very unprofessional poor communication

  • Petshachihuahuas, petshack of northside , southern dreams , southern nightmare more likely.
    Stop breeding get a job. Stop scamming others .

  • Filthy as she can be . Stay away as far as possible. Google her name and see for yourself . Pictures don’t lie.

  • AWFUL PERSON. Lies and makes false promises , sells sick puppies . Refuses to return deposit even when the puppies dies in her care . Run and save yourself the drama and money she will cause and cost y’all

  • For many many years you been ripping us off. For many years you been selling sick animals. For many years you been a crock. And for many many years you been filthy as hell. Lock at her house and the trash she calls her car. That tells you all including pictures posted all over the internet .

  • Stay away , she is unethical careless and filthy. Sold a DBL /hydro for 350 to a hobby breeder. Calling it an accidental breeding. No accident , she sleeps all day and her dogs run lose. Do DNA and genetic testing and you will see .

  • Scammer stay away from that filthy person. You can smell the urine on her dogs. She does all her health checks no vet involved.

  • Nancy is an awful breeder, she sells sick pups..how is she allowed to do this, for the $$ of course, i saw her videos on YouTube, shes def. a puppy mill.i have never seen so many small dogs before, that is disgusting.These kind of people only see money signs when pups are born.Shame on you.

  • I would never even consider a dog from that place!
    If you can’t clean it, hire someone.
    And I would never spend a day there for anything.
    Honestly, some of the dogs LOOKED sick in the photos.
    Breeders need to get a real job and quit living off dogs that are overbred and inbred.
    And If you are taking in rescue animals that is great, but what are you exposing all these puppies to when you do that?
    BEWARE of where you purchase or adopt your dogs…anyone can breed anything…takes no skill.
    It may be a “full time job” but the real hard workers are the animals.

  • sick puppies, puppy mill
    This lady is a puppy mill , she will rip you off as she tried to do to many of us She tried to sell me a dog with parvo but the dog died before I picked it up, she hid this fact for 2 wks then tried to get me to select another puppy when I refused, she didn’t want to return my deposit ..I informed Pay Pal and they gave it back, She no longer uses pay pal beware. She is a rescue and uses those dogs to breed also so you will never know who the dad is to your puppy , that’s why they registered ckc

  • She a fake and nothing but an internet troll. She should invest her time in cleaning and caring for her way too many animals She houses in that nasty trailer of hers. She slandering reputable breeders in her spare time. Time she could use to take her animals to get an check up make sure they healthy since she breeds them back to back with every heat. SC Law requires anyone that has more as 5 litters to obtain a business license. She has zero nothing to show . No permits no vet checks no paperwork of her sales , isn’t that considered tax fraud? She has over 30 Chihuahaus so do the math , birds and rottweilers that bite others. Nancy go get a real job try working as we all do . That would require getting up before noon.

  • Awful breeder filthy not caring gat all, just for the good ole dollar.
    She be sweet at first to make her sell after you pay deposit it will all change. Her puppies smell bad and not very well taken care of at all. Her yard is a mess filled with junk. She claimed all her bad reviews come from jealous breeders that hate her. She says she is on first name bases with animal control and has friends in the sheriff’s department. Her haters suppose keep calling animal control on her all the time and nothing is being done. Please do not buy from this lady she doesn’t care at all .

  • Filthy unethical breeder. Stay away . She will milk your wallet no matter what you buy from her bird or dog. Unprofessional. Google her name and you will see all she does is argue and call names. Check out her Facebook sorry meant all her Facebook she has a bunch just like anything else and many names she goes by. My favorite one is Nasty Nancy

  • She has no 501C , no license, no kennel permit. She no rescue never been never will be . She only takes in what she breeds . And if they don’t work out she finds them homes. She scans through hobbly, bird breeders and Craigslist and let’s not forget Facebook all kind of groups these are her favorite stumping grounds. To bad you can’t attach pics to all this . Her house is nasty , her property is nasty and her cars are nasty . She doesn’t care for her animals at all just the money she can make on them . And she doesn’t file taxes. She a scammer , fraud and takes our hard earned money we all work for unlike her. She doesn’t know what it means to have a real job and work . She has way over 50 animals total in her hoarder situation. Nasty

  • She gives breeders a bad name for sure , run before you end up in her web of lies and stories she will tell you and make you fall for . Her house is filed with urine and mold , her animals all run lose cages look like they haven’t been cleaned in ages, floors look like the dogs pee on it all day long same with her cabinets in the kitchen. Her bathroom ??you may consider going outside better choice. You definitely will need a shower after a visit with her . I’ve seen post about people saying her dogs pee on the furniture pictures of her dogs that made me tear up. How can any human being be so cruel to these animals .her yard is a dump for someone that doesn’t work she should be ashamed of how her property looks like. My heart goes out to anyone that has or had any dealings with this cyber bully .

  • Nancy gives a new meaning to nasty , she needs to be shut down. Her house , yard you name it nothing but filth . Oh Nancy anyone can clean up and invite a friend to take pics to show how clean you are. You should do that daily not just for Facebook. Fact is you unethical in your breeding. You post pictures of your dogs in your bird brooder that has so much dirt on it ?, pictures of your birds in the same brooder filed with shit . How lazy are you ? You flat out Nasty and greedy .
    She a hoarder stay away , rescue a pup or buy from a legit breeder that cares

  • A shame to the breeder world . Shit her down and help these poor animals . She has been doing to for way to long. She a criminal .

  • She should be a fraud alert nation wide. She sells out of state so she doesn’t get sued. She hides behind her lawyer that she claims gives her advise . NO lawyer will give advise how to steal from others or to sell sick animals. She is a scammer and will milk you dry. And if she doesn’t the vet bills will do it for her . She recently sold a Double merle that she claims was breed by accident to a hobby breeder , poor boy passed comes to find out he also was a hydro. Poor baby never had a chance ? . She is not a good breeder at all. All she cares about is the cash flow her animals bring her. Saw a post how she sells her birds before the eyes even open . Guess she does anything to get her money quickly.

  • She is a liar . She not only sold a DBL numerous times she also recently sold a pup with eye issues claiming the mom picked up the pup and eye popped out . Didn’t tell the owners till 2 hours away and left them no choice butto come and get the pup. She is nasty and money hungry since breeding is her only source of income. Her Facebook fan club in mainly folks that never been to her place all she does is befriend friends of friends to up her friends list. Some buyers get lucky and have a healthy pup but did they ever due DNA and test for all other genetics? I doubt that only few do and what they say about Nancy is not nice at all. Easy to claim everyone is jealous, but the question is of what? A backyard breeder that doesn’t care? Your entire set up is nothing to be jealous of keep in mind your dumb enough to post all the things brought up public . So please spare us your victim stories

  • Someone please shut this nightmare of backyard breeding down. This woman has no heart for animals or anything else . Please help

  • LMAO, what a lair she is .
    That is all she does blast others online all day long . The lies she tells lol. She has been like this for many many years . She will come for you forever If you disagree with her. She is always right and never does wrong. Let’s make some clear she a full blown racist few month ago she complaint about illegal Mexicans and how they don’t pay tax , neither does Nancy nor does she mind the money she makes from selling them her sick pups. Again few months ago she blasted the manager of KFC a black lady for putting her on trasspassing at the establishment in Winnsboro and again she throws the N word around like it’s nothing and loves the money they spend on her dogs . She has some serious mental issues. She posted few years ago she moved in with some dude she meet online and he put her dogs in an barn and they started to eat eachother . WTH is wrong with this chick . And another GoFundMe when up to move her back South. She loves GoFundMe she made one for Bella when that poor dog had a pup stuck for over 48 hours before she took her to the vet. Again she had all the time in the world to create a GoFundMe and post pics instead of taken that poor baby to a vet. In her post she promised any surviving pups to her donors. She is not a good person ,, she has no heart at all . Her living situation is disturbing and should be investigated by DHEC. He not being licensed should be looked at by USDA and her failure to file taxed the IRS should investigate. Her online scams for deposit should be looked in by the police the amount of the years should be a felony for sure . She a criminal in any aspect and a thief. And most of that she posted on one of her many Facebook account that she goes by .

  • Her name should be Drama Queen, she lives of the drama she creates and the lies she tells. For an 59 you would think she knew better but nope she can’t even keep up with the lies she tells , keep on asking the same question and see how many answers you will get from her . She a joke and gives any caring breeder a bad name . She doesn’t test her animals for any genetics issues , she doesn’t have them separate to even know who breeds who and does breed them with every heat what is against the law. She has way more litters as the law allows to be unlicensed. She has not vet that she uses for anything since she does it all on her own. Her un sanitary house and storing any meds for the animals is irresponsible. She will not let you in due to the smell and conditions in her house. I picked up a pup and the smell was horrible now imagine the inside. I wonder if her dogs even know what a bath is. She is the most irresponsible person you will meet . She does alot of out of state transactions since she knows most will not sure her due to distance and the small amount she stole from them by lying about the deposit not being refundable.

  • She is so funny makes me want to cry out laughing. She is a joke .
    She will blast you in a heartbeat and tell her sad stories to make her look like she a victim. She has her BFF Bonnie and some chick name Lynn do the seels for her when she in Facebook jail. She is very dishonest and filthy . Most of us get to her and your brain tells you run but your heart says get this baby out of this hell.
    So we end up buying to help them to have a nice life and far away from this lady. She offers to take back her pups for FREE of course . The ones that been fixed she rehomes the ones that are intact she will use to breed.
    She doesn’t work but claims when she needs money she works for a guy down the road under the table. But mainly due to the amount of litters and birds she has she stays home. She should have all the time in the world to clean that mess . Glad we the tax payers get to support her lazy ass .

  • She got some good jokes, her birds she sells before the eyes even open. Oh let’s not forget the one she burned the crop so bad that the bird is lucky if he she is still alive . She feeds 100cc to an 8 week old baby , who does that only Nasty Nancy. She has no clue what she is doing watch her Facebook how many babies died when she assist hatching? She pulls them day one so they go back to the box and make her more money. She is killing those animals slowly. Her only source of income. Her dogs she breeds with every heat . No wonder most only have 2 to 3 pups only . She has been doing this for years smack talks about other breeders claiming some lady feeds 50 plus baby birds with the same syringe and never watches the heat and gives them bacteria. She will trash any breeder that is better as she ever will be . Talked about a breeder with many many years of experience poorly. Girly get a real job so the world a favor and get lost. You a shame to any of the breeder world and you will always be Nasty Nancy only . And that soon be nation wide. You run your mouth in social media daily unless you in Facebook jail. Go find a real job. Wake up like normal folks do and earn a living. Care for the aminals not just when you take pics. And next time you post pics please change the newspaper your pups and mom are on the filth is disturbing.

  • I just can’t, I saw her posting in a group called Ripped of by the parrot industry she claims a breeder known nation wide and some other chick stole her bird . Well thanks to Google you can find the truth . Bird was never stolen was hold so Nasty would return what she stole. And thank to the breeder she slammed the baby made it and recovered from a stretched and slow crop. Now she still is slamming the breeder and the lady she owes money and got other names involved from some local recuse she now slams online too. Do your homework before you buy from this chick she not who she claims to be. Everyone can read and google to bring some knowledge to the table and look smart . But unfortunately that all she is a fraud and anyone can goggle that . As far as for her dogs omg so many bad reviews, so many sad stories about parvo, cleft , double merl and worms you name it . Read up on her just make sure you have enough time cause she loves to run her mouth for sure . I’m blessed I never bought a bird from her that is why I joined a group to do some research first and someone recommended her for a Macaw in another group. Do not buy from her without any heath certificate and make sure you have the number for the vet that supposedly did the check to verify she did see them with the pet in question.

  • She is selling sick pups, she has a puppy mill that she can’t take care of, denies them medical attention, takes ppls money and don’t return it or a pup, but posts asking ppl for money for vet bills, she has chickens and exotic birds everywhere, I have photos of everything that I am saying, a post about her begging for money for vet care but denied the dog a c section on time

  • You a full blow racist that doesn’t pay any taxes on all her animal sales . She has tons of sides ,groups and Facebook account many allies she goes by. Pictures of her breeding operation all over the internet. Some pics are very disturbing and some stories make you want to cry . Be smart do your research you not helping these poor animals when you buy from her all you do is making her breed more

  • BEWARE of where you purchase or adopt your dogs. Anyone can breed anything,takes no skill.
    It may be a “full time job” but the real hard workers are the animals. She must never had a real job to know the meaning of a full time job . Her job is posting on social media and call others names 24/7

  • Bounced checks ? Maybe you should keeped PayPal ! But through PayPal we can request a refund so why give anyone an option not be be scammed by you. Get a real job and stop slaving tour animals with every heat. They should be burned out by now is that why your litter size so small ? Is that why you produce more and more sick pups ? Or could I be the nasty living conditions ? Whatever story you tell Nancy nothing is even close to the truth knowing you ! How many puppets you got now doing the dirty selling for you since you have no clue how to talk to folks ? You a waste of time . Go gire some help and get the filth cleaned up .

  • What a joke , all she does is blast her lies about others al day long . Her full time job is the social media platform slandering others 24/7. She is lazy and will never change , once you google her you will see she is going after many folks for years now and claims to be the victim. Bounced checks? What about all the deposits you keep from buyers ?
    What about the false claims of 3 year genetic guarantee or any of the other false claims you do to score a sale. How many people can lie when all complaints are parvo , DBL and deposit keeped? Not one but many , so we all liars? And you the victim of jealousy? Seriously do you think before you troll the net and post ?
    Please get a real job , stop harassing people care for the way to many animals you hoard. From chickens , keets, parrots, Chihuahaus and Rottweilers that seem to bite others. You are an irresponsible breeder for many years the pictures show it .

  • Make your you discuss refunds when purchasing anything from her. She loves to keep your deposit no matter what happens. She has a bad name for a reason. The ones that claim the have a healthy pup never did any genetic testing nor DNA . She will cost you a fortune in vet bills. Her so called rescue she claims to be so she can get more breeders in . Do not give her any animals find a legit rescue give these animals a chance to have a future.

  • Lots of talk about this breeder , sick dogs orbirds sold by her. Many people who buy dogs from breeders who are breeding under horrible conditions. Overcrowded, sick, underfed, etc. They see these dogs or birds and they instantly think that they need to buy one or more of them!
    People offering to pay money to these people to “rescue” these animals. Look, I understand your empathy! It makes me feel horrible too! But buying any of these animals (even at a discount) is not the right thing to do.
    You may be rescuing one or two but you are funding this horrible person or business. And they will continue to breed in horrible conditions. breeders, who house their pets in poor conditions, is only fuelling the fire.
    Please, please please… only buy animals from people or places that care about them.
    You are also risking getting a dog that is inbred, and will likely die young of some horrible disease or condition. They could be disabled for life.
    This lady is not who she proclaim to be. Many many horror stories can be found in some groups about her. Bad reviews from many. Good reviews from her friends and mother .This lady is dishonest and has been for many years. GOOGLE HER NAME AND READ THE 100 OF STORIES VICTIMS HAVE TO TELL.

  • The 10 Most Telltale Signs of a Backyard Breeder
    They sell on Craigslist, eBay, or pet stores , Facebook groups
    They offer minimal medical security. …
    They don’t have proof of genetic testing. …
    They don’t offer lifetime return policies. …
    There are no veterinary records for the puppies. …
    They sell puppies before they are 8 weeks old. …
    They don’t allow you to see where the puppies are kept.
    That be all you Nancy !!!!

By Tucker

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