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Complaint: I have witnessed many inappropriate actions, behavior and lies told by Steven and Catherine. There are many problems within their private corporation (so called non profit). All the provision given away by them is donated by other large organizations. These goods are totaled up at retail value and then combined with cash received by donors. You are then told that approximately 97.3 percent of what you give is used for the ministry such as helping a poor appalachian child. When in fact, Most of the money given to SRM is going to support the overworked 5 or 6 employees meager salaries (none over $30k yr), television air time, $3000 month rent for their ministry building not $1. month as told by Catherine, Steven Reese and Catherine Reese’s $70,000 salary EACH (140,000) plus additionally their home ($2300. mo) is paid for by the minstry as well as both their trucks, gas, food, auto insurance second home, second office. Also they each get a 24,000 expense account. Not bad for hardly ever showing up for work and getting approximately $235,000 total compensation a year (rough guesstimate). Go to SRM during the week and you will most likely not find them there. How can they be there much when they live in Charleston, SC. They are last to show up for the day of blessing events and first to leave. They dine, travel, vacation and live in high class style on the monthly $30. from thousands of people hoping for a better life for the appalachian people and the message of Christ,s love to be sent to them believing all the while you are sponsoring a child with the money you send to SHELTER ROCK MINISTRIES. The ONE child you AND OTHERS are sponsoring, probably has not been seen or heard from in a year or even 3 years. Meanwhile in the past couple years many employees have left the private corporation with no accountability called SHELTER ROCK MINISTRIES for varios reasons that are dispicable and are heartbreaking for those who have found out the truth about SRM. Steven and Catherine Reese are living a lie not the Word. The board members know nothing of what really goes on at SHELTER ROCK MINISTRIES. The SECRETS are deep and blatantly sinfull. The board has very little input, no power to be usefull and certainly is not in any position to hold SRM accoutable. They know nothing of the following problems: waste of money for the Reese’s lavish lifestyle, the small amount of time the Reese’s spend working in the ministry, the facts regarding the allegations of an affair that was swept under the rug which involved Steven Reese and another woman (Megan Dean) that still works at SRM, the near 2009 eviction from the building in Boone, NC for being over a year and a half behind on rent, The judgment in 2010 for $100,000 against SHELTER ROCK MINISTRIES for work done to the building the ministry is in, another judgment for unpaid bills just to name a few. The reese’s claimed to have sold their business to go be missionaries in the appalachian mountains. The fact is in 1998 they bought a house in Boone NC. In 1999 they lost their house in Winton Salem NC to foreclosure. In 2001 SHELTER ROCK MINISTRIES inc was formed. In 2002 they nearly lost their house in Boone to foreclosure but saved it the the day before the auction. It does not sound like there was alot of money from a sale of a business, which would mean they did not give up alot to go be missionaries as they claim. Since 2001, They have been building a new business (SRM) to enable them to semi retire while the ministry can be managed by a few employees and the occational guidance from Steven and Catherine Reese. No matter what has happened at SRM. Praise be to God for the souls that have been saved by srm showing up where they have gone to. Gods word will not return void. Those people that accepted Jesus as their personal savior will be in heaven regardless of the things that have traspired within the corrupt organization. I think one should seek many details of any organization that you intend to support. Dont just give your money away based on a few very well rehearsed speaches given by a proffessional speaker trained to look and act for the camera.

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  • He goes by ” Steven Canyon ”
    a Kinetic Belief motivational speaker .
    Catch him on Facebook .
    Give a WARM hello .
    Ans be SURE to ASK if he is
    related to one STEVEN REESE from Shelter Rock.

    We don’t want to CONFUSE the two .

    And for an ACCURATE psychological
    description check out LISA A RAMANO
    on You Tube and her MANY videos
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