Sol Kahn is a souless con from Oregon who rips off local Hawaiian farmers Honolulu Hawai’i


Complaint: Sol Kahn is a con & he has no soul. Sol Kahn coordinates a gang that imports drugs from California & Oregon to Hawai’i. Marijuana is cheap where he is from in Bend Oregon and his crew is not skilled enough to compete with high quality dispensary medicine, so he takes it to Hawai’i to make a profit. Problem is he undercuts local farmers with cheap pot prices and put many out old Hawaiian farmers out of business who could not compete with his low priced mainland import bud. As if that was not bad enough, Sol Kahn also undercuts local fruit & vegetable stands at the farmers market. His mommy bought him a farm in Moloa’a and his drug dealer buddies bought farm equipment with their drug loot so they could out perform local Hawaiian farmers who do not have money for new equipment. Now Sol Kahn sells shiney fruit at farmers markets on Kaua’i as a cover for his drug imports and so he can pretend to be local. Sol Kahn does not need the money, his parents have a summer house in Hawai’i where he pretends to be a surfer & a winter house in Bend Oregon where he pretends to be a s****.> Sol Kahn sure likes to pretend. He plays make believe that he was born & raised in Hawai’i & hires models with his mommys money to show off his pretty pink hats to promote his fake Hawaiian seed company from Central Oregon. Sol Kahn strarted collecting seeds from Oregon dispensaries that carried Genetics by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalu014dlu014d Seed Bank in Eugene & Portland Oregon from 2015-2016 — as the attached photos prove. Sol Kahn played his very own game of Oregon Trail tracking down Genetics we brought from Hawai’i to sell to dispensaries on the mainland so he could start Hawaiian Seed Company from Central Oregon. Sol Kahn began breeding the plants with no idea what he was doing so he could start his shady “Hawaiian Seed Company”” from Central Oregon. Sol Kahn sprang his scam at a trade show on Kaua’i in December of 2017 selling relabeled seeds from other companies & pink hats. When confronted about his blatant intellectual property theft & Genetics gank

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Address: Sol Kahn lied and claimed he has been breeding since the 1990’s. More like he has been visiting timeshares with his Mommy since 1990’s. The truth is people like Sol Kahn created the current climate that allowed for the gentrification of Hawai’i. Locals lose their homes when they cannot afford to pay bills. Sol Kahn and his drug dealer buddies buy land and raise prices in the area to ensure only people who look like him & have bank accounts as full as his can live on Hawai’i. Sol Kahn is a souless con and a rip-off.”


Phone: Bend, Oregon United States

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  • I can’t comment on most of the accusations in this, but Sol Kahn is actually from Kauai and really is local.

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