Staff Sergeant Michelle L. Krafjack


Michelle L Krafjack is a Staff Sergent in the United States Marine Corps who is working as a recuriter for Glenn Burnie in Maryland. she tried to sell me on joining United States Marine Corps. Once she has all my personal information I started to received credit card bills of spending over 3,000 dollars at online stores. She quickly blocked my numbers and ways to contact her. She disappeared quickly. She is a scam artist, liar and manipulator. She is abusing her power of being in the service to get what she wants. Avoid at all cost.

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  • I know who you are. Ive never stole from anyone. You spelt Glen Burnie and recruiter wrong. You have issues. Clearly you are obsessed with me. Its cool. I got you.

      • You mean tell it to my face. Bet you wont.
        Attend a writing course and work on your English.

        I am sure many people would if they could. Threatening others is poor behavior on your part marine. Do better. Your making yourself look like a clown out here.

    • I got you too asshole. Stealing from kids and now on the internet making inappropriate comments on families and underage kids you are despicable. Just because no one wants to have children with you and you cant have children of your own (I mean your not mentally stable) you need to hurt others. Also eating disorders are a real thing we know you throw up your food to have that flat body. Curves are in Michelle Lorraine Krafjack is out.

  • Spell Glen Burnie properly! Clearly you are not from where I work or my state. People who live someplace do not spell their hometown incorrectly. I dont steal from kids or people. Have no fear, when your kids turn 18 they can see pictures of your weird ass digging through trash and taking inappropriate photos in bed of their father and your dirty body with some other womans things. I got you. Say less. If its your friends have no fear. I got them too in ten years. Its okay keep slandering me. Cause your bored and just waiting to get knocked up again to collect a check.

    • Your a sick psychotic lunatic that needs help. The fact that you are describing minors in a graphic way and stating 18 years old as an excuse for your disturb message is extremely uncomfortable and horrifying.

  • Is this behavior coming from a Marine? Michelle you are absolutely disgusting. You are a criminal and should be locked up from your crimes. Your sentence structure makes no sense. Why are you talking about minors in a very inappropriate way? Turning 18 years old allow you to do so? Your a sick psychotic twit. See pictures of you digging through trash and taking pictures of their dad and body with other womens things? Your sick you need help. Im sure the United States Marine Corps have resources for your sick and twisted mind. Your parents failed in having you. You are a mistake.I would report her to her command ASAP!

  • Michelle you sound uneducated, bitter and miserable. Your behavior and response is very inappropriate and disgusting. Based off your post you seem unstable mentally which will not make you a mother. Discussing children and when they come of age where you show them inappropriate pictures of their parents is absolutely disturbing. You seem to lack good ethics and morality.

  • Please report this Staff Sergeant immediately the compliant hotline is: 1-866-243-3887
    Report her to her CO and RS!

  • Just came across this website… let me educate this stupid female marine. When you have a child one does not receive a “pay check” or get assistance unless they fall below financial needs where WIC will help and it is very hard to get it. When a person have a child all the expenses come out of their pocket no extra money is given to them because they had a child.
    The amount of money that it takes to raise and support a child is a lot more than the tax return you received. Clearly Michelle is not a wife nor mother because she will know better to make such a ridiculous statement. Michelle does not have the willpower or strength to be a mother with the amount it takes to raise children on her own she will failed miserably. To make a dumb statement about someone getting “knocked up waiting to collect a check” is absolutely hilarious because she knows nothing in this world. She has no life experiences or knowledge with how the world works. Stay in your little sheltered bubble Michelle. Your a complete clown and loser. I would contact USMC, hired a lawyer, sue her and file a legal complaint against this creep for making statements about minors.

  • This is true she is having sex with minors! My child who attends a high school she recruits out of has informed me. I will remain anonymous in case she tries to retaliate against my child. As we seen over the internet she has this aggressive and unpredictable persona. Report her immediately I will be contacting officials about her behavior in the corps! Let’s keep our children safe from this monster.

  • Look I want to apologize to everyone for lashing out about these remarks. Being accused of child molestation and stealing is upsetting. However I wouldn’t steal 3k, I can go to the bank and pull that. I would never steal from anyone and never have. I have put wonderful people, men and women into the military. I have NEVER have had sex or have made advances towards young people.

    It’s insane that anyone can write anything about you. I’m not afraid of the hotline. You call that number. There is zero proof of these accusations. Then I can get you for slander and false accusations. That is fines, harassment and potentially jail time. These ARE false allegations.

    I’m no longer entertaining this.
    I wish you all the best.

By Tucker

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