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Supple Solutions Pty Ltd Con Merchants that use High Pressure Salesmen that you never see again once they leave your office Melbourne Victoria!!. Heard the old saying, If it Walks Like a Duck, Talks like a Duck, it probably is a Duck. !!! With these guys the truism is :- If it Sounds too good to be True, it probably is too good to be True !!! We are currently waiting for a hearing date in the Melbourne Magistrate Court to defend an action in relation to their dodgy Contract. The front of the Contract says they will supply Search Engine Optimisation for your Website, the back of the contract in the fine print cleary says they do not guarantee to supply the service ??? And whatever you do DO NOT LET THESE CON MEN GET HOLD OF CREDIT CARD DETAILS, they will fraudulenty use them to grab unauthorised debit amounts by forging your signature on a debit authority form.
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