T Digital Coin Review: TopDigitalCoin.com is Blacklisted by FSMA


T Digital Coin is an interesting investment company that one can confuse for a legit venture. The firm is dealing with digital currency trading activities. There are many tokens that investors can trade. They claim to offer quality-trading tools for traders.

Unfortunately, there is more than what meets the eye. This entity is an illegitimate broker unworthy of investors’ trust. The offshore firm brags that it provides quality education for investors. Nonetheless, it is uncertain whether the available resources are helpful.

T Digital Coin Review, TopDigitalCoin Company

TopDigitalCoin claims that it is a safe company. Multiple factors determine if traders’ information and money are safe in a particular platform. A legit platform abides with the rules that regulatory bodies have set to protect its citizens.

It is also transparent and credits the expert professionals behind their success. Invest with genuine crypto companies that are legit. Your money is secure, and you can generate passive income without the fear of being scammed.

T Digital Coin proclaims that it delivers only excellence to traders. They speak highly of themselves but shy away from displaying the results. Investors are only left to make assumptions. Walk away from their circus before you make immense losses.

TopDigitalCoin.com Review

The company is offering bonuses to investors. However, their requirements are stringent and ambiguous. Moreover, the venture is blacklisted by FSMA, which is the financial watchdog of Belgian. The entity has been collecting money from its citizens illegally.

If you proceed to trade with TopDigitalCoin, you expose yourself to high risk. The featured office address is also fake. The company is violating the rules set by the EU body. They have not met the set capital of 730K EUR.

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Traders do not stand a chance of receiving compensation. We strongly advise that you stick to licensed firms to avoid losing money. Investors that join this Ponzi scheme with the hope of making money will only suffer from losses.

T Digital Coin trading conditions prove the venture only wants to scam innocent clients’. You cannot withdraw your money if you have accepted a bonus until you meet a trading volume of 30 times. This is close to impossible.

The broker is definitely limited customers from cashing out. Moreover, you also must pay an inactivity annual fee of $25 if there is no trading activity within 12 months.  The company is charging more than its competitor, which is a huge red flag.

T Digital Coin Withdrawal and Deposits

We do not recommend T Digital Coin because you won’t be able to withdraw money. There are several complaints. Furthermore, if you read their terms and conditions clearly, you will notice the murkiness.

We do not know the payment methods that investors can use. You should be wary of this broker. Them leaving such information out is no mistake. They do not want traders to know they cannot issue a chargeback. They are probably using digital currency payment, which helps them to remain anonymous.

TopDigitalCoin.com Review, TopDigitalCoin Education

TopDigitalCoin offer leverage of 1.5 on all the cryptos. The EU limits the leverage to 1.2. They fail to set a standard amount that investors can deposit. The web-based trading interface lacks adequate and quality features. The platform also displays different prices on coins pair.

This proves that T Digital Coin is manipulating figures. Furthermore, the authority has already confirmed that this is a scam. Therefore, if you choose to trust them, you expose yourself to big problems.

TopDigitalCoin Contact Details

Imagine waking to a busy town with your child, niece, or nephew or, let say, caring for valuable documents or certificates. Now visualize leaving the assets or the baby to a stranger to take care of it for you. It sounds absurd. It is the same thing if you trust an anonymous person with the safety of your cash.

Whoever is behind T Digital Coin is running the whole show behind closed. There is no tangible data of who they are, how they look, or the qualified skills they possess. Therefore, trusting them is a blind move.

The reallocation of T Digital Coin is unknown. Investors can reach the firm via email. There is no phone number. The features of this broker show that this is a scam. They do not conceal or hide this fact. You can expect unprofessional treatment.

The emails that clients send shall go unanswered. The company does not intend to serve traders. It is only after meeting its selfish needs. We suggest that you look for a legit platform that is transparent.

Does T Digital Coin have a License?

Unfortunately, T Digital Coin does not have a regulatory document. The company is accepting customers from every corner of the earth. Therefore, its website ought to be decorated with several licenses. However, this isn’t the case.

Trading with an illegal scheme exposes you to many dangers. The company will not be around for long. You cannot rely on the word of scammers. Their business survives so long as their needs are taken care of. Once no new client is signing up, their operation seizes to exist.

TopDigitalCoin will not compensate customers. Moreover, there is nowhere to run since the government is apparent against trusting offshore ventures. The platform does not segregate traders’ accounts.

T Digital Coin Customer Reviews

The company is being flagged as a Ponzi scheme. Investors are not pleased with their services. Once you join them, the platform makes it appear as if you are making profits. Sadly, you cannot cash out the funds from your account.

Additionally, the customer support fails to respond to traders. If you threaten to report their entity to the authority, the firm will threaten to close trades. They will then call you back, claiming to have lost all our funds due to volatility.

TopDigitalCoin is a fraud that shamelessly steals from naïve traders. It displays ambiguous promises only to disappoint later. Investors are warning anybody who might be tempted to deposit funds to refrain.

Learn from the mistake of others. Normalize reading other people’s reviews and researching thoroughly on a venture. It will help you to make the best decision. Additionally, you need to be mindful of manipulative testimonials from fraudsters paid marketers.

The Domain Insight

T Digital Coin is a company that has been around for years. The firm registration took place in September 2017. The domain is expected to expire in 2021, the same month of registration. Nonetheless, like all other fraudsters in the industry, even this venture is discrete.

You cannot get hold of the real culprit running the shady firm. The firm history in the industry cannot be verified. The lack of performance reports and inadequate information speaks volumes of their incompetence.

Final Verdict

TopDigitalCoin country of origin remains an enigma. The platform is also unregulated and displays deceptive features. It is also uncertain the least amount that traders can deposit in this scheme. Them not availing such critical data serves them no good.

Moreover, the available trading platform is infamous with limited tools. You can only trade in crypto, but there is no evidence of investment services or products. The broker is only after investors’ funds. A nasty Ponzi scheme should be avoided.

Check out the best top crypto trading platforms in the market. These ventures have a great reputation. Furthermore, their results speak on their behalf. The traders from all over the world flock at their doorstep. Try them today and get passive income.

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