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Who’s Who firms Every Who’s Who firm is a scam Nationwide!!. If you get an email from the various Whou2019s Who firms, DO NOT reply. They all use the same sales pitch. But you will pay from $500 to $1,000 and get absolutely zero. No one uses these Whou2019s Who directories. NO ONE! Ask your friends, people you work with, doctor, lawyer, business people if they have every once used a Whou2019s Who guide. Everyone one of them will tell you no. Every whou2019s who company will accept you for entry as they want your money. They also use high pressure tactics that you must pay quickly or you may lose your spot. You get nothing out of it but loss of your money. Here is a really good article about how worthless they are: csoonline.com/article/2124245/security-awareness/what-s-what-with-the-who-s-who-.html
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