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Complaint: I had moved into this property that was rented out by an individual for a while now. At first everything seemed on the level and we were getting along as individuals with a good business reputation. As time had pressed on and the lease was about to expire, that’s when the situation changed. I began hearing rumors and misgivings that the landlady was talking about the tenants in a derogatory manner and since I had bounced a check, she demanded that I pay not only the bounce check fees, she demanded that I pay for her fees from the check that she wrote. Now I’m not too sure if this is standard practice or not and it was unintentional that the check had bounced but I paid the fees anyway. Since she does not report to any major credit bureaus, I began to think that her practice was a bit suspicious. This of course happened right after she had accused myself and my neighbors in the duplex that we were running the water bill too high when she had stated in her lease that she pays for the water. Now tell me if this sounds strange to you but is it not unprofessional to show your tenants the water bill and accuse them of misuse? Again, I had let that slide. Then she found out that we were in the market to buy a house. Her eyes lit up and those dollar signs flashed. Her hungry look turned into maliciousness when I informed her that I was not going to buy the duplex and decided to buy a house. For the time that we had lived there, we had nothing but drama and stress from her unprofessional attitude and horrible demeanor if the rent was paid even one day late. She made it a point to show up at the door at 2 on the day rent was due, which is on the third of every month, and I quote, “Where’s my money?””. This is even after we call her to let her know that payday was going to be a little off which happened a few times and we were good to adhere to our word. There were times that we were never late and we would be slapped with charges that were completely unrelated to the rent. On an as-is lease

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Address: which is a big mistake by the way

Website: your deposit is forfeit. She tries to run her operation like a loan sharking business which is horrible since the paint is peeling off the front the house on all sides

Phone: any damages done should not be liable to the lessee but Yolanda makes it a point to let you know that if there are any damages other than normal wear and tear (which is on the lease)

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